The Disgruntled Employee

  • Continuous poor performance on work tasks
  • Lack of motivation / negative attitude towards taking on work tasks and in general
  • Strained relationships because of bad attitude towards teammates
  • Negative attitude towards customers
  • Constantly challenging team/business decisions
  • Absenteeism
  • Ensuring the right digital technology was in place to support remote work
  • Getting employee buy-in before rolling out remote work practices
  • Taking into consideration, when planning, other factors that may affect employee productivity during the lockdown period (Dependents, Learning Styles, Engagement Styles, Technology, Mental well-being),
  • Pulse taking, that is, constantly tracking how employees are faring with tasks and general remote work
  • Re-enforcing the organisation’s culture on how to communicate messages, review work tasks, and manage employee welfare.



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Insights by pcl.

Insights by pcl.

Phillips Consulting Limited (pcl.) is a leading business and management consulting firm serving clients across Africa.