Reinventing Your Management Model

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stability: The Leadership of organisation as embodied in the person of the CEO must have a tenure of at least 4 years. This is because a successful management innovation process takes at least 3 years to be completed.
  2. Experiment Change from The Shop Floor: As stated earlier, failure is an option when innovating your management model. Therefore, the leadership should take extra care to minimise the impact of failure on the organisation by experimenting from the bottom of the organisation.
  3. Invest in Technology: Technology is gradually transiting from a ‘good to have’ to a ‘must-have’. For instance, the current COVID-19 situation has forced remote working on most organisations. An innovative management model exercise must be preceded by or followed closely with process automation, big data analytics, use of artificial intelligence, and remote working, amongst others.
  4. Adoption of a Digital Culture: Change is constant and must be seen as such by all employees if an innovative management model exercise must succeed. This is because innovation is about change and change often comes with resistance. Therefore, the adoption of a digital culture will minimise the degree of internal resistance that will be faced during the process.
  5. Alignment of Strategic Focus: When innovating your management model, it is essential to eliminate all conflicting priorities and initiatives. For instance, an innovative management model exercise will not succeed with a one-sided appraisal system; a 360-degree appraisal system is required.
  6. Enforcement Mechanism: Every human is different and possesses distinct personality profiles. Therefore, to successfully innovate your management model, it is imperative to ensure full compliance by every employee in the organisation, through clearly stated policies.
  7. Observe and Apply Principles not Practice: Around the world, several organisations such as Google, Apple, and General Electric have improved their management models. Instead of adopting what they did or are doing, consider why they are doing it and adapt to fit the perculiarities of your organisation. For instance, instead of copying what Genentech & Amgen did (using small teams to deliver projects), GSK improved on it by developing a centre for excellence. The Centre of Excellence for External Drug Discovery (CEEDD) builds and manages unique risk/reward-sharing drug discovery alliances with world-class biotech companies.
  8. Continually improve.



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Insights by pcl.

Insights by pcl.


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